Paving the way toward the future through Innovation, Exploration, and Opportunity

The Future of Learning & Work Require:

Intentional Learning

– Anchoring to Tangible Goals to Achieve a Career Advantage

Future-proofing Skills

– Becoming Indispensable while Building Resiliency and Adaptability

The Power of Inclusion

– Joining Equitable Employers who Outpace their Competitors by Earning Greater Trust

Transformative Experiences 

– Facilitating Experiences that Force You to Alter what Matters to You

Innovation and Creativity

– Promoting Innovation — the Act of Putting Ideas into Practice while Enabling Creativity to Generate New and Radical Ideas

New Focus on the Employee

“The corporate well-being market is forecast to grow from an 

estimated $20.4 Billion in the U.S. to $87.4 Billion by 2025.”

Corporate Wellness – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics

Global events have impacted the emotional well-being, job satisfaction and mental health of employees. The problems facing humanity are more complex, interconnected, and urgent than ever before. The modern workplace needs talented workers who can solve business challenges and create innovative solutions — and make a real impact on the world. 


Re-skilling and up-skilling are the new reality for employers to support their workforce by offering opportunities for continual learning, and adapting to future of shifts to remain viable.

Knowledge gaps have widened, and the global economic downturn has placed a greater focus on the inequities and the global need for new skills, training, and mental support.

IEOLab Aligns with:

Strategies that foster creativity and entrepreneurial skills that are demanded by local and global employers, and defended by the United Nations.

Strategies for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM) that are viewed as critical drivers for future development for learners and workers. 

Strategies that complete this century’s skills equation by supporting proficiency in new technologies, and the acquisition of transversal (or soft skills) such as creativity, initiative, critical thinking, persuasion, and negotiation.

Strategies that move beyond content knowledge, and support students ability to engage as 21st century thinkers by cultivating a fluency of ideas, creative thinking, and social perceptiveness to support diverse teams.

“A re-skilling imperative: By 2022, no less than 54% of all employees will require significant re- and up-skilling. Of these, about 35% are expected to require additional training of up to six months, 9% will require reskilling lasting six to 12 months, while 10% will require additional skills training of more than a year.”

Future Jobs Report Insight Report Centre for the New Economy and Society – 2019

“A Creative Education contributes to economic growth, skills and social mobility; community identity and social engagement; and personal fulfilment and well-being.”

Durham Commission on Creativity in Education Report, 2021

“Entrepreneurship improves quality of life for ordinary people including disadvantaged groups; contributes to building resilient infrastructure; and promotes inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fosters innovation.”

International Council for Small Business


Our Mission

We catalyze solutions to create transformative learning

and work experiences for all – learners and workers.

Our Team

IEOLAB supports the learner and worker to ready them for the future by providing the necessary tools to continually evolve, transform, and unlock their mindsets and develop the skillsets to maintain a competitive edge.

How We Work

We facilitate an agile mindset, develop skills, create transformative experiences for learner and worker, connect them to future skills, and devise solutions.  

We work with students, educators, non-governmental organisations, workforce partners, human resource administrators, bespoke partners, start-ups, research consultants, and governmental entities.

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