StageClip Announces Graduate Personal Branding Workshop Series to Support Future Leaders

StageClip is on a mission to support innovation by connecting graduates from around the globe with industry experts to develop their personal brands

NORTH ANDOVER, MASS., OCTOBER 21, 2021 – StageClip, Inc. today announced the launch of their new leadership program —“Elevate Your Voice! #MakeItMatter” to unite a select group of upcoming college graduates from around the globe in a program designed to elevate their unique personal brand and result in a polished professional video resume to bolster their professional careers.

StageClip and IEO Lab have partnered to support graduates through the inaugural leadership program by assembling students from colleges in the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Caribbean, Middle East, and North Africa to unite for a series of expert-led workshops and trainings, starting with the application process in October and running through November 18th, 2021.

“StageClip is on a mission to share life’s big moments. Graduation is one of life’s biggest moments, and this workshop series will only increase the impact StageClip can offer to new graduates as they enter their careers.” said, Rupert Forsythe, StageClip Co-founder and CEO.

Following the networking panels and workshops, applicants will take away game-changing approaches for developing the skills necessary for navigating future career opportunities. A strong addition to a traditional hard copy application, a StageClip video distinguishes participants from other applicants—showcasing their personality, interpersonal skills, and creativity. In short, these workshops will help participants to find their professional voice, gain confidence, build their networks, and #MakeItMatter.

While staying true to their focus to enable new graduates to share life’s big moments, StageClip has joined forces with IEO Lab to support future leaders through this collaborative program.

Through a series of four networking panel discussions, participants will grow to understand how industry, government, and academic thought-leaders are hiring in the current economic landscape. Students will then participate in four hands-on workshops with industry leaders designed to help them effectively articulate their professional story, while also developing the confidence and network to put their best foot forward in the professional marketplace.

Through these workshops, participants will finalize their personal, polished StageClip video resume to be featured on StageClip, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms — along with a LinkedIn Certificate of Excellence for completing this program.

The program and speaker profiles can be viewed at

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StageClip is on a mission to share life’s big moments and to date has partnered with more than 1,400 universities, colleges and schools, enabling over 1.4 Million graduates to share one of life’s biggest moments – graduation. StageClip provides each graduate with a unique clip of the moment they walk across stage, which they can share instantly on social media. StageClip is also the leading provider of virtual graduation solutions, enabling an inclusive experience for graduates and their families. The company partners with educational institutions to create the best event experience possible for their participants, to increase the engagement with their newest alumni, and to significantly increase the marketing and global reach of the institution’s brand.

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